Our Philosophy:

Periodontics is our passion.

We cherish your natural teeth because they are wonderfully made and each one of them is irreplaceable! Scientific evidences and our clinical experience both attest to this timeless truth! 

Nevertheless, dental implants provide the needed functions and aesthetics of a perfect smile! We use only the most time-tested implant systems. Currently we use genuine Straumann system. We also use Astra Tech and Nobel Biocare upon request.

Our Compassion: We are gentle during our procedures. If needed, we provide IV sedation for your comfort.

Our Diligence: We take extra steps to be minimally invasive to ease your healing process.

Our Commitment: We are meticulous and thorough to ensure everything we do will last and can be maintained by you.

Our Atmosphere: Our staff and Dr Yu are friendly and courteous. We are ready to answer any question you may have.

Our Cost: We also know the reality of finance and insurance. Therefore we desire to assist you as much as possible in this so our service becomes available to you. We make our cost very reasonable and competitive for the level of service we provide.