Periodontal Services

  • Periodontal Evaluation: a comprehensive exam of your gum health and needs.
  • Scaling and Root Planing: this deep cleaning is done thoroughly in order to minimize the need for surgery.
  • Crown Lengthening: conservatively done with your long term maintenance in mind.
  • Tissue Graft: meticulous and precisely done to achieve long lasting and predictable root coverage.
  • Splinting: to preserve mobile teeth that would otherwise need to be extracted.
  • Occlusal adjustment: adjust your bite to resolve traumatic bite interference and to restore harmony.

Implant Services

  • Implant placement: expert use of high quality Straumann implants to establish a foundation for a beautiful and functional restoration.
  • Bone graft: using minimally invasive techniques for faster healing while achieving the desired result. 
  • Internal sinus lift: minimally invasive and done while implant is being placed. Highly successful. 
  • Soft Tissue Augmentation: sculpting tissue around your implant site for long-term aesthetic and ease of maintenance.

Oral Surgery

  • IV Sedation: available for your comfort and peace of mind.
  • CT scan: on-site 3-D imaging available.
  • Wisdom Tooth Extractions: both simple and complicated extractions.
  • Canine and other teeth's exposure: to access un-erupted teeth to facilitate orthodontic movement.
  • Frenum removal: to improve oral function and gingival stability.
  • Tissue Biopsy: sent for evaluation by pathologists from Harvard.


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